Jordi Bosch Masa

Technology and Ecommerce


  • Industrial Engineer at ETSEIB, Barcelona, Spain

Prior Experience:

  • Managed the internationalization of several technological companies and products (hardware, software, teams, partners, clients/projects)
  • Technological consultant in several innovation companies in Spain and Russia, including leading Smart City companies Urbiotica (Spain) and Group Systems & Projects (Russia)
  • Consultant for the public sector: Barcelona Metro L9, Dpt. of Urban Policies of Moscow City, Government of Catalonia


  • Fluent in Spanish, English, French and Russian

Key International clients:

IRM Development (Russia), URSIP (Russia), Soft Angle Group (US), Ifercat (Government of Catalonia), Urbiotica. (Spain), SOR International (Spain), Merak (Spain).

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Jordi Bosch Masa